Gods and Goddess
Location: Ireland.
Description: "The Great Queen." Goddess of birds and horses. She rides a swift white horse.

Rules Over: Horses, enchantments, fertility and the Underworld, overcoming enemies, patience, magick, moon rituals, dream work.

The Morrigu
Other Names: Morrigan, Morrighan, Morgan.
Location: Ireland, Wales, Britain.
Description: Reinged over the war-field, helping with her magick, but did not join in battles. Associated with crows and ravens. The Crone aspect of the Goddess. In her dark aspect, she is the goddess of war, fate and death. The carrion crow is her favorite disguise. With her, Fea (hateful), Nemon (Battle) encouraged fighters to battle-madness.

Rules Over: Rivers, lakes, fresh water, priestesses, witches, revenge, night, magick, prophecy, banishing magick, passing over rites, overcoming enemies, battles, warriors, service wo/men, violence.

Other Names: Brid, Brig, Brigid, Brighid, Brigindo.
Location: Ireland, Wales, Spain, France.
Description: Associated with Imbolc. She had an exclusive female priesthood at Kildare and an ever-burning fire. She had 19 priestesses representing the 19-year cycle of the Celtic "Great Year."

Rules Over: Fire, fertility, the hearth, all feminine arts and crafts, martial arts, healing, physicians, agriculture, inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, prophecy, smithcraft, animal husbandry, love, witchcraft, occult knowledge.

Other Names: Caridwen, Ceridwen.
Location: Wales, Scotland.
Description: Moon Goddess, Grain Goddess. Welsh Bards called themselves Cerddorion (sons of Cerridwen). The Bard, Taliesin, founder of their craft was said to be born of Cerridwen and to have tasted a potent from her magick cauldron of inspiration. In her magickal cauldron, she made a potion called greal (from which the word Grail most likely came from). The potion was made from six plants for inspiration and knowledge. Her symbol was a white sow.

Rules Over: Death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magick, astrology, herbs, science, poetry, spells, knowledge, wisdom, past lives, divination.

Other Names: Anann, Dana, Dana-Ana, Catana.
Location: Ireland.
Description: Mother Earth, Great Goddess, Greatest of all Goddesses. Another aspect of the Morrigu. The fertility Goddess, sometimes she formed a trinity with Badb and Macha. Her priestesses comforted and taught the dying. Fires were lit for her on Midsummer. Guardian of cattle and health.

Rules Over: Fertility, prosperity, comfort, health, cattle.

Location: Wales.
Description: Keeper of the circling Silver Wheel of Stars, a symbol of time and karma. Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Honored at the Full Moon.

Rules Over: Beauty, fertility, reincarnation.

Other Names: Danann, Dana.
Location: Ireland.
Description: Major Mother Goddess, ancestress of the Tuatha De Danann. She gave her name to the Tuatha De Dannan (People of the Goddess Danu). Another aspect of the Morrigu.

Rules Over: Wizards, rivers, water, wells, prosperity, abundance, magick, wisdom.

Other Names: Cernowain, Cernenus, Herne The Hunter, Hu Gadarn, Belatucadros, Vitiris.
Location: Known to all the Celtic areas in one form or another. Description: The Horned God, God of Nature, God of the Underworld. The Druids knew him as Hu Gadarn, the Horned God of Fertility. Usually depicted as sitting in a lotus position with horns/antlers on his head, a beard, naked except for a neck torque and sometimes holding a shield and spear. His symbols included the stag, ram, bull and horned serpent.

Rules Over: Virility, fertility, animals, physical love, Nature, woodlands, reincarnation, crossroads, wealth, commerce, warriors, hunt, magick, sacrifice.

The Horned God
Description: Opener of the Gates of Life and Death. Known by many names, herne the hunter, cernunnos, green man, lord of the wild hunt. The masculine, active side of Nature. Earth Father. Animals sacred to him were the stag, bull, goat, bear.

Rules Over: Growing things, the forest, Nature, wild animals, alertness, annihilation, fertility, panic, desire, terror, flocks, agriculture, beer and ale.

Great Father
Description: The Horned God, The Lord. Lord of the winter, harvest, land of the dead, the sky, animals, mountains, lust, powers of destruction, regeneration. Represents the male principle of creation.

Other Names: Lugh Lamhfada, Llew, Lug, Lugus, Lug Samildananch, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, Lleu, Lugos, Llew, Llew Llaw Gyffes, Lugus, Ioldanach, Samhioldananach, Lamhfada.
Location: Ireland, Wales.
Description: A hero God. His feast is Lughnassadh, a harvest festival. He is associated with ravens. His symbol is a white stag in Wales. Lugh had a magick spear and rod-sling. One of his magick hounds was obtained from the sons of Tuirenn as part of the blood-fine for killing his father Cian. He was a carpenter, mason, smith, harper, poet, Druid, physician and goldsmith.

Rules Over: War, magick, commerce, reincarnation, lightning, water, arts and crafts, manual arts, journeys, martial arts, blacksmiths, poets, harpers, musicians, historians, sorcerers, healing, revenge, initiation, prophecy.

The Triple Goddess
Description: The Triple Goddess is known and worshiped in Pagan cultures all over the world. She is eternal, yet always in a state of change. Her colors are white for the maiden, red for the mother and black for the crone. The Symbol of the Triple Goddess is the Waxing, Full and Waning Moons.

White Lady Location: Known to all Celtic countries.
Description: Dryad of Death. Queen of the Dead. The crone form of the Goddess.

Rules Over: Death, destruction, annihilation.

The Crone
Description: Third aspect of the Triple Goddess. She signifies old age or death, winter, the end of all things, the waning moon, post-mentrual phases of women's lives, all destruction that comes before regeneration through her cauldron of rebirth. Crows and other black creatures are sacred animals to her. Dogs accompanied her usually and guarded the gates of her after-world, helping her to receive the dead. It was thought that true curses could be cast with a dog's help.

Great Mother
Description: The Lady. Represents the female principle of creation. Goddess of fertility, the Moon, summer, flowers, love, healing, the seas, water.

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