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Prayer of Thanks
O Goddess within;
O God within;
O Goddess of the Moon, Waters and Earth;
O God of the Forests and Mountains;
I give thanks for ____________ (or, for many blessings);
Thank You for lending me spiritual strength in this time of need; it has refreshed and encouraged me.

So mote it be.

O Gracious Goddess;
I passed --------------(whatever you want)
New Moon Chant
Silver flowing,
Dianaís growing;
Growing, showing,
Love for me.
Invoking the Goddess and God.
Mother Goddess, be here with me.
Father God, be here with me.
Then explain the situation or say words in celebration of the ritual occasion. They donít have to be lengthy. Suggested formats:

* State the reason for the rite: recognition of a Sabbat (if so, which one), full moon, or special need.
* State something about the occasion or ask for Their assistance, if appropriate.
* Thank the God and Goddess for their attentions, something like this:
I come before you tonight (or today) to celebrate (Yule). The Sun is reborn of the Goddess.
Light is growing. The promise of (Spring) has begun.
Meditate upon the meaning of the occasion for a few moments, then say:
Goddess and God, thank you for attending my simple circle. Hail and farewell.

Ritual of Drawing Down The Moon
Stand facing the Moon in the Chalice position - feet firmly planted, standing tall, arms forming a "bowl" overhead.
Clap your hands once above your head, to clear the space and focus your concentration.

Then feel or visualise the Moon's Light streaming into your Chalice bowl until it is brimming with brilliant pure-white Light.

Slowly lower your arms, allowing the Light to pour into your body and energy field, flowing through your entire being - body, mind, and spirit. Experience this with every sense that you can employ, especially visuals and sensory feelings.

Do this 3 times, or as often as you like.

After, you may kiss your hands in Her honor, if you like. Or a greeting or salutation to the Moon. Or in some way demonstrate thanks and honoring.

A Blessing
"I ask thee oh lord and lordess of unknown to bless this object before me, give it the power to create good before us, and to let negativity be".

So mote it be.

Prayer for Prophetic Dreams
Divine Mother, you who was, is, and forever shall be; you who created everything from the nothingness of space; I ask that you grant me the gift of prophetic dreams so that I will be better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of my life as well as helping others in their times of need.

Blessed Be.

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