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The Charge of the God
Adapted by Rev. Mark A. Ventimiglia
Behold the words of the God, who in ancient times was called by the names such as Odin, Ra, Hades, Jupiter, Zeus, and many others:

I AM the darkness in lieu of the hot midday sun; I AM the reminder of death at the height of life. I AM the everlasting sky!

I AM death, and I AM life, for behold, life is eternal because those that live die to be reborn through me!

I AM the power that protects all life, and I AM the essence that binds all life together.

I AM of all things that cannot be comprehended or explained; I AM the joy that brings peace at the time of death!

Dance with me into the dark veil of night; feel my warmth on and in your body, and experience the estacy of my love!

Call my name on the dark, moonless nights and the gift of my power will be granted unto you.

And behold my one absolute Law ...

For I AM death, and death is the only constant in the universe! Come, embrace the darkness!

The Charge of the Goddess
Adapted by Rev. Mark A. Ventimiglia
Behold the words of the Goddess, who in ancient times was called by such names as Isis, Frigg, Aphrodite, Hecate, and many others:

I AM the immortal life force of the Earth, the Moon, and the waters. From my wellspring all things are brought into being, and unto me all things will return.

Worship me through acts of love! Sing, rejoice, and know that all acts of pleasure are my gifts!

And you who seek to know me must understand my mystery. You must master my riddle! Know that through all your struggles, your seeking, your searching, you will not find me unless you look within yourself. For behold, I have been with you from eternity, and I will be with you always!

Prayer for the protection of pets
O my Goddess, I thank you for my pets. They have brought great joy and happiness and I ask you to grant them health and long life. Please keep them safe all the days of their lives and help me to show them how much I love them.

Blessed Be.

Prayer for the animals
Dear Mother, I know you cry rivers of tears because of how your animal babies are treated. Mankind has committed so many crimes against our animal brothers and sisters my heart is in agony just thinking about it.

Dear Father, please bestow wisdom and compassion on humanity, and allow us to wake up and end the suffering of our innocent ones.

So Mote It Be.

Light smudge stick until it smokes, Extinguish flame.

Waft smoke into each corner, call on Spirits of the Sage to drive away negative energy, "Sacred Sage, drive away all negativity from this room - take everything unworthy and impure". Call on Spirits of the Sweetgrass to bring harmony and balance "Sacred Sweetgrass, bring harmony, peace and balance into our home".

Go to center of room - stand quietly. Turn to the East - fan smudge in that direction four times "Spirit of the East, Great Spirit of Air, cleanse and inspire this space".

Turn to the South - fan smudge in that direction four times "Spirit of the South, Great Spirit of Fire, strengthen and bring peace to this space".

Turn to the West - fan smudge in that direction four times, "Spirit of the West, great spirit of Water, energize and protect this space".

Turn to the North - fan smudge in that direction four times, "Spirit of the North, great spirit of Earth, ground and cleanse this space".

Return to center of room - look up - send smudge up to ceiling four times, "Great Father Sky, guard this space from above".

Squat towards the floor, waft smudge to the floor four times, "Great Mother Earth, Nuture this space from below".

Put down smudge stick in bowl. Stand quietly with eyes shut. Visualize the Spirits that you have summoned standing guard around your room. Give thanks to them all.

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