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Prayer for Special Thanks
(by Sasha Lovejoy)

My Goddess and eternal Mother, I give you thanks for my life as it is, for all the special blessings you have bestowed upon me, and for being by my side every day.

My God and eternal Father, I give you thanks for all the mercy you have shown me throughout my life. I also give you thanks for the compassion and wisdom you have given me to better understand the world that you and my eternal mother have created.
So Mote it be!


We call upon you our ancestors (or a name if to a specific one) to watch over us and we thank you for your vigilance.

You are called upon to give guidance to us and to lead us down the path to understanding.

Your knowledge is great beyond ours and your wisdom is greatly needed and appreciated.

Your love is strong beyond the years and the grave, and has strengthened us in dark times and warmed us in the cold.

So Mote it be!
White Candle Spell for Blessing

Get a white candle-either a plain one (offertory, pillar, or taper) or a figural one in the gender of the person you want to bless.

Carve the person's full name on the candle, then dress it with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil.

For more power, you may place a name-paper of the person, or a photo, or some personal item of theirs (such as a bit of hair or a snippet of clothing) either under the candle or next to it. One easy way to do this is to place the paper or personal concerns under an overturned saucer and put the candle on top of the saucer.

Burn a portion of the candle every day for seven days, pinching it out between burnings. As you light it each day, say this:

[Name], may you be blessed
May all good things come to you
May nothing whatsoever harm you
May your heart be light
May your travels be safe
May your health be good
May your mind be sound
May your friendships sustain you
May you be blessed in every way

If you have a special request for this person (such as that they find a lover, get a good job, come home safely from a war, or whatever), just add it to the list.

Some people use a large pillar-type candle and keep it going for longer than seven days.

They may make a habit of burning such a candle every day-or once a week, on Sundays -- for as long as their friend or relative needs help, even doing so for months at a time.

If the candle is large and it is to be burned in this way, it should be re-dressed with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil once a week: after the initial dressing, you can drop a tiny bit of oil into the "well" or hole in such a large candle just before lighting it each time.

Prayer to Cernunnos
God of the green, Lord of the forest, I offer you my sacrifice. I ask you for your blessing.

You are the man in the trees, the green man of the woods, who brings life to the dawning spring.

You are the deer in rut, mighty Horned One, who roams the autumn woods, the hunter circling round the oak, the antlers of the wild stag, and the lifeblood that spills upon the ground each season.

God of the green, Lord of the forest, I offer you my sacrifice. I ask you for your blessing.


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